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  1. Android 4.4.4 (Russian local.) I want to use AIDA64 on English localization. When I choose it on Settings - Language - English, all is OK. But when I restart AIDA64 - most of text (except tabs and first page) revert to Russian local. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah23lDMSPdc P.S. Little request. It will be nice, if been an option to save report to *.txt file. Now it works only with "Solid Explorer" (via "Send Report to E-mail). Can you add support to the other file manager and add the corresponding button. Thanks.
  2. I sent you this bug-repoort some time ago by mail ( android-report@aida64.com ), but I do not know if you see it... So, problem in the title - thermal sensor (except the battery) are not displayed on the Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1 (maybe 7.1.2). On 6.0.1 and 7.0 its OK. I do not check it now (report was sent from v1.42), maybe it is already fixed, but I will be grateful if you check this. Thanks.
  3. AIDA64 1.46 has been released, but it is no changelog on Google Play. So, what changed?
  4. nVidia Shield Tablet K1 got release update with Vulkan API support. And in Android Developer Preview 2 it include too.
  5. Nexus Player has a test build with Vulkan API support. You can download it here: https://imgtec.com/tools/powervr-early-access-program/ nVidia Shield Tablet has a test build too.
  6. Do you plan to implement support Vulkan API detecion on android devices in future releases?
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