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  1. 1.I will check CPU cooling. 2.No way,not from my GPU,please check my video to know,you will surprise,really strange :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLUX0-CeulM 3.from the video,you can see each time AUX goes over 70 degree,the game starts throttle like that,%cpu usage reduce from 90% to 5% game freeze with 0 fps
  2. Please help me,i ran it for 6 hours and no throttle because AUX won't go up to 70 degree. Can you help me ignore it or disable it? Each time i play game it goes up to 80 degree and game starts throttle and i can't play anymore,please help admin !
  3. No way,i see that my CPU only have 60 degree at full load can you show me your software? I just bought zalman cnps 10x optima yesterday and i'm so happy when CPU full load at 85 degree reduce to 60 degree and now you said that from CPU temp (
  4. How can i reduce AUX temp or can i ignore AUX temp in BIOS? When it higher than 70 degree,the game starts throttle like this: And when it below 70 degree,the game is normal How can i ignore this AUX temp? Even it read invalid,my cpu still throttle from it,i don't know how to shut it down Please help,tks !
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