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  1. Noticed that this morning, when I swaped the white "background" color for a desaturated light blue that turned white on the said keys. Then I did some color testing and come up with the bug...
  2. Have another bug for you: The Numpad numbers and and the top raw numbers (so only the part actualy used by a 2 or 3 digit meter) have the B <-->R channels swaped for the "background" color. Meaning that white shows white, but using any combination of RGB that does not have R and B equal results in wrong colors, compared to the rest of the keboard "background" keys. If you put, for example a pure red you can see that very well, because the number keys "background" becomes blue instead.
  3. It works as expected. Thank you for taking care of the problem. Excelent work!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to deal with this!
  5. Thank you. It works much better. Still a problem with using 2 or 3 digits to represent a sensor, the number keys (top raw and and numpad numbers for 3 digits) not responding to background color (unlit).
  6. Yes there is, but if you have a sensor maped to a raw of keys, say qwerty, and the "bar" is up to lets say "letter" the ones after it from"y" onward, will remain unlit, regardless of the "background color" chosen. So if you map 3 sensors to the 3 raws of keys: "qwerty", "asdf" and "zxcv" you will have most of the key unlit, unless the sensor "bar" ar always close to 100%
  7. Hello to the developers! Thank you for keeping such a good care of this software product. Regarding the feature that is the subject of this topic: after using it for 2 months I have some feedback. Right now, if you configure a raw of keys to show something, you loose the background color (the one you set globaly), so if the "bar" is half full, the rest of the key go unlit. Why this is a problem: if you have the qwerty, asdfg, zxcvb raws asigned to some sensors that do not reach 100% most of the time and instead go arond, let`s 50% you end up having most of your keys unlit, which is making the keaboard hard to use in dim light. If it is not to much trouble, it would be nice to have the extended areas of the keyboard and other rgb peripehrals available to maping (like zones on the mouse, extra keys on keyboard and so on...). I know that are a lot of peripherals out there so it may be hard to cover them all, but at least the products from the most used peripherals like Corsair, Logitech, Razer... Anyway point 2 is not that important, but point one ( persistent background color for raws of keys ) it would improve usability. In the hope that you will have time to address this request I thank you and wish you well!
  8. アプリのデーターに日本語の説明が欲しいです。

    1. 桜井弘幸



  9. It works fine now it works from any app. The only thing not updating is the check state of the box in the Prefences pannel, but that does not really matter. Thank you for taking the time to implement and fix this.
  10. Thank you for considering my request. There seems to be a bug here. Via hotkey you can not toggle the function, you can only turn it on. Also, regardless if the preferences panel is open or not, the "Enable RGB LED keyboard support" checkbox does not update when you use a shortcut hotkey.
  11. Hello to the developers! Long time no talking.... If is not too much trouble, I would like to have the ability to turn on/off the RGB LED function via hotkey. It takes complete control of the keyboard and mouse rgb lightning and this is not always what I want. Having to dig through the menus is cumbersome. Idealy would be the have a transparent background color that would let other lights from devices software to go through, although I do not know if that is possible..... It seems to me that the peripheral only lets one app to "tell it what to do". Btw I use Razer Huntsman and Razer rgb mouse....
  12. First, I want to give the developers of this software a thumbs up for the work they do with this software and mostly for the good care that they give to the comunity. I really apreciate how fast you give answers to all the questions posted. Thank you for that! The reason that I`ve bought the software is its great flexibility in outputing the sensor values to different displays. In that regard, after reading some of the post, I understand that you try to follow the market by giving atention to RemoteSensor, more than the Sensor Panel. If I am correct, I would like to know if you could implement more control over this, like allowing html and css input so that more interesting ways of displaying the values could be use. I would like to have some conditional formating options ( like changing the color of text at certain thresholds, etc., similar to what could be done with LCDhost for Logitech G19s keyboards). If you have other sugestion about the way I could go to achieve that, please let me know. I am also exploring Roccat Power-Grid, looks much more promising than Arx Control from Logitech. It would be dificult to offer suport for that? I think that would help alot in doing fast verry interesting monitoring grids that anyone could use. From what I have red in the pdf help for the SDK, a dll that would give acces to all Aida64 sensors should be easy enough to write ( for someone with experience, meaning not me ). Thank you!
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