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  1. I was wondering if the reply from the developer of the hwinfo version of the plugin, helped the developers in any way... https://github.com/shayne/hwinfo-streamdeck/issues/11
  2. It seems that there is interest in seeing support for Elgato Stream Deck in Aida64. So what do you think devs, any chance you can make that happen?
  3. I too would gladly renew my AIDA64 licence, if they would find time to develop proper support for Elgato Stream Deck .
  4. Yeap, I still have interest in seeing this happening. I settled for HWHINFO64 myself, after the devs answer. But would be great if they would decide to invest time in this. btw, I am using an older version of HWINFO64 (just for this purpuse), that predates the paywall 6.42 -4360. It still works fine
  5. Not to rain on anyone parade, as the saying goes, but this is pretty much useless for any practical purposes. Having no option to choose the button to use and having an animated status icon that is "folder structure agnostic" and therefore always showing no matter in what subfolder I am forces me to give up one of the 15 keys that I have in exchange for 1 system status. Not good at all. The plugin that I have mentioned at the beginning of this post (totally free and depending on an app that is also totally free) gives the user full control. I did not liked that option because it meant installing yet another system monitoring app to run alongside Aida64. Giving the current status of development for this feature in Aida64, it seems that I am forced to do that, if I want to use my Stream Deck for system monitoring. Hope you will make progress in the future with the development of this feature, so people will not have to use this unfortunate workaround. Well... nobody can do everything, so I can`t say that I blame you for not making a priority out of this request... So, what can I wish you? Happy coding? Ok, happy coding and a nice day onward!
  6. Latest updates lists support for Elgato Stream Deck. Although I understand, at least partially, the difficulties of adding this feature and therefore willing to be patient with its implementation, I can not say that the actual state of development merits the name of "support for Elgato Stream Deck"...
  7. It is normal for wip. I don`t do much coding except for occasional scripting, but even that can get... intense. Writing a plugin from scratch is no easy task. I think you did a great job so far. I like the fact that you can still use a button, even if it is controlled by Aida64. I can see the potential: having a graph for say, total CPU usage and when you press the button, you get a full (6,15,32 whatever Elgato you use) of details, like per CPU usage, power usage, thermals... Keep up the good work. I think you provide great customer support.
  8. Thank you for putting in the effort to implement this feature. It works great. Only one thing that I don`t know if you are aware: it does not know of the folder structure of the device ( meaning that it is always there, no matter if you are in the first screen or in a subfolder of functions). Interesting fact: even if it is placed over a uised buton, it only overrides the graphic and not the function. The button can still be pressed and works as configured.
  9. Well, I wish I could help with that... But I can`t. I will be patient. Thank you for your efforts!
  10. I was curious: how are things going with the implementation of the requested feature?
  11. I think that option 1 (Just like with HWiNFO) makes the most sense. You can display any value that you need, without blocking the device. The intended use scenario is having a subfolder with the sensors, while keeping the rest of the buttons for other functions. Perhaps CPU and GPU visible in all the other shortcut folders to always have a general view of the most important stats, no matter what I do. Thank you for moving so fast with this!
  12. Thank you for your efforts. I was hoping for good news. From what I have noticed in your case, no news is usually good news being a sign that you are looking into the matter. I am convinced that you will do a great job exploiting the potential of this device.
  13. It has been a week. I was curious if you can give me an answer, whatever is possible or not to implement this functionality? I am hoping for a positive answer, because I like the Aida64 software and do not really want to install HW info
  14. There is a plugin for HW info that works like this: https://github.com/exension/hwinfo-streamdeck It would be possible to implement something similar for Aida64?
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