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  1. Yes I am using latest versions of both aida64b and Clink. Its good to hear that corsair is working with you guys to iron out any problems. Thanks again for all of your help, it was very much appreaciated.
  2. Thank you for the reply. The igpu is indeed disabled as it is not listed alongside my nvidia card in the display/gpu page in aida, it must be as you say the gpu is disabled but the sensor is not and the temps its showing is probably just cpu core heat thats heated up the disabled igpu's sensor. One more question if you dont mind. I have a corsair ax1500i psu, in aida64 i have noticed that every 10 seconds or so when viewing the sensors page I get power supply #1 temps, power supply #2 temps and power supply #3 temps, ok its three temp sensors in different places in the psu but why every ten seconds or so do they go missing and then ten seconds later they re-appear only to disappear and re-apper every ten seconds ? what do you think causes the psu 1, psu 2 and psu 3 temps to appear-disappear every 10 or so seconds ? Would it be a conflict with corsair link ? i am using the latest beta of aida 64 and the latest version of the still flakey corsair link software. Thank you for the help you have already provided.
  3. I have disabled the intergrated gpu on my 6700K cpu in the motherboard bios and I use a dedicated pcie video card from nvidia. Why does aida show the temps of the gt cores when the intergrated gpu is supposed to be disabled ? is this a fault at my end and somehow the intel gpu is not totally disabled or does aida 64 always show the cpu gt core temps even when the intergrated gpu is disabled and not being used at all ? At present my gt core temp is showing as 25oC, but as mentioned I have supposedly disabled it in the bios and use an nvidia card instead, also windows device manager only lists one display adaptor and thats the nvidia graphics card. So is it normal for aida64 to always show cpu gt core temps even when its disabled or is their a problem somewhere at my end ? Thanks for any help with the above question. E.S
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