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  1. Motherboard > Chipset >North Bridge :AMD K17 IMC Filed:PCI Express controller It's displayed "PCI-E 2.0" But all devices are running at 3.0 (SSD,GraphicCard,and Chipset)
  2. Hi ! I use AIDA64 with MSI afterburner(incl.Rivatuner OSD Server)+Aquacomputer aquaero 6 (with aquasuite)+OCCT For now, AIDA64 can not separate the setting of Rivatuner OSD Server and other external app. Other external App is no problem because they can set the individual value. But Rivatuner OSD Server has no settings for rendering OSD value. When I need a detailed value for other app, It has needless informations will be displayed on the Rivatuner OSD. So I need Independent settings for Rivatuner OSD Server with No change for any other External Apps. ---------------------------------
  3. Great! It works fine Now CPU Core Voltage has same as my BIOS settings and ASUS utility! Thank fix!
  4. Here is dump Files and Sensor Logs! ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  5. AIDA64 Extreme has shown not correctly CPU voltage​ on ASUS X99-DELUXE II. I set vCore to 1.29v, but AIDA64 shown "1.696v" (and CPU-Z has shown "1.293v") other value (Cache,VRM=Input Voltage,VCCSA,etc...) has shown correctly(may be...). only CPU Voltage. *sorry my poor English and Japanese snap shot*
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