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  1. Just to keep you all updated and also in case this could help someone, I will explain below how I have managed to solve this issue. After contacting HP support specialist and going through all the 'fixes'I had done before, he could narrow the possibilities. It actually come from the hyper-threading. My PC is with an Intel i7, and hyper-threading was activated. Since I dis-activated it from the boot settings, the PC works fine, I managed to go through all FPU test and run all my games including Far Cry 3. Hope this help others. Cheers. Arnauld
  2. This is what I mean. To be more precise, the PC shuts down immediatly, just like a PSU failure, and then restart. That is why, one of the first things I did, was to upgrade my PSU (460w to 760w) but with no success. As a result, I get no BSoD or score. It just shuts down and restart.
  3. Hi again, I am back. :-) I did further test with AIDA: 1. All CPU protocol passed with success: Queen, PhotoWorxx, ZLib, AES and Hash 2. With regards to FPU tests: - protocol Julia: passed - protocol Mandel: passed - protocol SinJulia: passed - protocol VP8: badly failed Can you help me understand what is specific to the VP8 FPU protocol that would make my i7 fail? And most importantly, is there anything I should do to pass it? Thanks. Arnauld
  4. Hello and thanks for your support, you do not need to apologize, you're providing great advise, I will try out the memories, and before I will try to find several memory test programs. How did you come to identify that 1 or 2 out of 4 would be weak? Statistical reasons? I am expatriate in Singapore and do not know have g33ks friends here.. So I guess I'll have to buy new memory bars, and as the PC do not like mixed manufacturers, I'd better be sure it's going to be the right choice. Thanks again for your support. As you mentioned, there are not so many sources for failure. Fan, PSU and memories are still hardware origin. Is there a possibility that the cause of failure is a software origin? If yes, how could I search for it? Cheers. Arnauld
  5. The report is now attached. Please note that I have now slightly overclocked the CPU (3.2GHz instead of 2.93GHz). I did it with AIDA, and I have not managed to set it back to normal. Here is the product spec as original: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02542167&cc=sg&destPage=document&jumpid=reg_r1002_sgen_c-001_title_r0002&lc=en&tmp_docname=c02542167 Again, the only hardware I changed are the CPU cooler and the PSU. Regards. Arnauld Report.txt
  6. HI everyone, I have been through the forum and there are interesting post everywhere. My PC is crashing when I am encoding videos, so I started investigating. I noticed my CPU temperature were going above 70's and thought the was causing the PC black out. I change my CPU fan for a Cooler Master Blizzard T2. Now in stays far below 55C. My PC is still not passing the AIDA64 stress test. So I isolated my test. CPU Test: okay FPU test: immediate crash after I click on 'start' button. lol Going through the forum I identify it could come from Power supply unit. I therefore changed my 460W PSU for a 760W Seasonic X series 80 Plus Gold. Click on 'start' button -> immediate crash (PC restarting). I tested memory: all okay. What would you suggest I do next? I have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE-498p: i7-870, 2,93MHz, MSI MS-7613, bus 133MHz, 8Go DDR3, NVidia GTX 460. Thanks in advance. Arnauld
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