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  1. Got it, I have to manualy download the beta version, because I'm using the latest stable version. But are there any diffenrences between stable and beta version? Anyway, issue resolved, good work.
  2. Ok, when I check for update in AIDA64, I don't have any newer version, still 5.75.3900 which is current version I'm using.
  3. I almost forget about this topic since I was very busy, sorry. Looks like you guy have this issue fixed, glad to here that, I will update AIDA to lasted version and see if the issue solved. I will update the result here.
  4. I'm using Corsair H115i AIO Liquid Cooler come with Corsair Link (CL) software to controll the cooler, when I open AIDA64, it report that the fans in the cooler rotate in 900RPM, which is incorrect number because I set fan on Corsair Link always at 1500RPM, and I noticed that its lower 2 fans in the cooler to 900 RPM too, I can't use Corsair Link to change, and the LED on the pump is reset to white too. If only I close it, CL will return to normal and I can gain control the H115i, but sadly everything is reset to default. I think there's some sort of conflict between Corsair Link and the oth
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