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  1. Yes. I'm sure that the load is similar before and after sleep/hibernate because i'm using BOINC software and all task load cpu in the same way. I'll try with different software and will send you report.
  2. Dear all. I am using aida software more than 3 years and i like it. Before two weeks i found a probblem on my system i7 4790; 32GB ram @1600; gtx 970; asrock z97 extr4 and last aida64 extreme version: The problem is in that when my system working normal in sensor menu in Power Values my cpu package show me high value in power usage - more than 85-100W (this is normal for my system because my cpu work @90-100% load. But if i put my system in hibernate mode or sleep mode and after that i wake up the system - this settings show me only half of previous % - around 45-55W but my system work like after hibernate. If i restart my pc the problem is solved. Sometimes after restart the problem is still here.And i think that in this problem maybe after wake up cpu temp is a little wrong value. Best regards.
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