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  1. Ok, thank you. I know it is out of the subject, but would you know any other way to measure it (except the tester I used on the battery, of course) ?
  2. Sorry, but I'm not quite sure I understand. I tried to show here above which values I got on two different models. I understand that values can be different from a model to an other one, but if I am not mistaken, I didn't get any value for the CMOS battery anywhere, do I ?
  3. 1 - Motherboard Dell Vostro 1700 --> Sonde (sorry, it's in french) Core CPU 1.175 V Core of GPU [TRIAL VERSION] 2 - Motherboard Toshiba Satellite L300D --> Sonde Core CPU 1.100 V Battery 11.100 V
  4. Hello, I am testing AIDA64, but I only get tensions values (one is trial ) for the CPU; Is it possible to read the one for CMOS and where ?
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