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  1. Hello I have skylake c236 motherboard + xeon processor + ECC UDIMM memory I run "best practices analyzer" scan on hyper-v role on windows server 2012r2 And got error Title:Use RAM that provides error correction Severity Error Problem: The RAM in use on this computer is not error-correcting (ECC) RAM. Impact:Microsoft does not support on computers without error-correcting RAM. Then I tryed AIDA latest beta (from this topic https://forums.aida64.com/topic/3404-fixed-ecc-supported-but-disabled-skylake-imc/) DMI [ Memory Arrays / System Memory ] Memory Array Properties: Location Motherboard Memory Array Function System Memory Error Correction Single-bit ECC Max. Memory Capacity 64 GB Memory Devices 4 [ Memory Devices / DIMM_A1 ] Memory Device Properties: Form Factor DIMM Type DDR4 Type Detail Synchronous Size 16 GB Max. Clock Speed 2133 MHz Current Clock Speed 2133 MHz Total Width 64-bit (my note, this value must be 72-bit for ECC module) Data Width 64-bit Ranks 2 SPD [ DIMM1: Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CPB ] Memory Module Properties: Module Name Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CPB Serial Number 322136A0h (2687902002) Manufacture Date Week 15 / 2016 Module Size 16 GB (2 ranks, 16 banks) Module Type Unbuffered DIMM Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM Memory Speed DDR4-2133 (1066 MHz) Module Width 72 bit Module Voltage 1.2 V Error Detection Method ECC DRAM Manufacturer Samsung DRAM Stepping 00h SDRAM Die Count 1 Chipset [ North Bridge: Intel Skylake-S WS IMC ] Error Correction: ECC Supported, Enabled ChipKill ECC Not Supported RAID Not Supported ECC Scrubbing Not Supported Please answer, ECC is full enabled? Why windows server thinks it is not enabled?
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