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  1. Setting the timer to 5000 ms makes the device stable. I can live with that. Thanks for your assistance. Regards, Ken
  2. Ok, thanks for the information again. Is there another brand/device which you can recommend for usage with Aida64? Preferably between 4.3 inch and 7 inch, with at least a resolution of 640x480 Thanks.
  3. That doesn't help, even with compression level to the highest setting. Setting the refresh rate to 500 ms doesn't help either. Does it actually mean that this device in in your compatiblity list and doesn't work properly at all?
  4. Ok, thanks for the infomation. Is there nothing I can do to resolve this? Higher compression level en lower refresh rate for instance? Ken
  5. Hi all, I'm new to your forums here. I would like to receive some assistance for a problem I have with Aida64 and the Samsung LCD plugin. I've recently purchased a Samsung spf-72h LCD screen panel for use with Aida64. However, after setting up the panel and installing the drivers for the operation system, the device get's stuck after serveral minutes. The is a recurring situation. The operation system is Windows home server 2011 and the Aida version is 5.7. The display panel itself is working fine but the problem is that is get's stuck after a while. It works fine and smooth for a couple of minutes. After the device is stuck, I need to restart Aida64. Firmware in use: M-CE7AS1WW-1004.0 LibUSB driver: LibUSB-Win32 v1.2.6.0 Is anybody able to assist me with this problem? Thanks in advance. Regards, Ken
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