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  1. And as I know total ram on wp, is calculated from application memory limit. Those app, it seems, get data straight from os. Also mabe will be possible to get virtual ram amount.
  2. It is a "wheel" for desktop, of course! But for windows phone it will be very useful! And maybe it is a key for for thermal zones. I know that this is theoretically not possible, but windows store is not perfect too)
  3. Hi! First of all thank you for your app! Really nice correct info! But I find application in store which is very close to windows desktop task manager https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/mobile-task-manager/9nblggh6hfv1. That mean that usefull API for detect memory and CPU load available now. Also very interesting process list with ID and cpu usage. I'd like to use one application with all possible information, and your application better but not perfect. Waiting for update!
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