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  1. I have a situation with a Windows host that freezes at seemingly random times. Question regarding Aida for debugging cases like this: can Aida be configured to run so that it records any anomalies (such as HW sensor values exceeding some threshold) to a log file? (In this case I am specifically interested of a log file output as opposed to displaying anomalies on the screen).
  2. hmmm...intriquing. But I am happy to hear that it at least is encrypted and not sending stuff in cleartext. So I have a follow-up question: if i have a web server running on a virtual private server at some hosting provider, can I use Aida Business to monitor that remotely? And is this a recommended use case? Thank you,
  3. Hi, a question about using the Business version for collecting data from, or managing a remote Linux system. Is the connection to the remote system encrypted and if so, what form of encryption is used? Thanks,
  4. ok so the setup guide does indicate that it should be possible to have the report written to the USB stick. But it does not say if any changes are needed on the target machine before auto-executing AIDA64 in a command line mode from a USB stick. I guess the answer is "no"?
  5. Thanks Fiery. Does AIDA64 Business require executing some file on the target machine, or making changes (e.g. to registry) on the target machine, before it can gather data about the machine? (In this case meaning a target machine that is the local machine that the USB stick is plugged into)
  6. Hi the question I wanted to ask is whether either Extreme, Engineer, or Business can be used without a functioning display screen? So in this case I would be interested in running the software (through autorun) from e.g. a USB stick. It would gather the data from the machine the USB stick is connected to and dump a report (e.g. XML) to the USB stick. (Admittedly this would mean that the software would have to be able to get the data without anyone logging into the machine first) Is this sort of use possible? Thanks, Chris
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