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  1. Hello Fiery, after Update my Windows 10 1803 to 1903 (June Update) i found a issue / bug on Clock Speed / FSB from my Intel i7-4790K and ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Take a look on my .LOG generate before and after Windows 10 Update Before After (Win10 June Update 1903) PS: The Memory Speed reading also suffers from the same FSB issue (wrong value) and i think this error is based on Win10 Update (others Softwares such CPU-Z have same issue related here) Here a .LOGs generate for you take a look Backup.AIDA64.LOGs.rar
  2. Thanks Fiery, today i discover CPU-Z cause this issue too. I'm updating now to BETA Build. ATM i use v5.80.4000.
  3. I use a HWInfo64 with RivaTuner and AIDA64 for Save LOG on Disk, but i discovery a weird bug on AIDA64, this error i think is caused if you use HWInfo64 with AIDA64. Look a LOG generated by AIDA64 running with HWInfo64, Sensor inform a wrong CPU Clock's and FSB. After various test's, changing Power Energy Control profile of Windows, i noted this BUG of AIDA64 Sensor LOG wont appear, if you close HWInfo64.There may be some kind of interference between the two, preventing both from operating simultaneously. Unfortunately the use of HWinfo64 is necessary ATM, as it works very well
  4. Yeah, sorry my mistake, i mean grid bars, but user can customize the Layout on Image editor and add these grids Thanks for help, and have a nice day.
  5. Understand. This option only work for some Device =/ And yes, i made some progress on Arc Gauge with assets found on Internet. Including animated background gauge with .GIF or .APNG, of course .APNG only work on Firefox and Safari (Chrome need a external plugin) ATM i working on a blue layout - preview (WIP) - But, if possible expand the options. 'BAR' Gauge and a 'Pointer' Gauge is a nice addition. Other nice adjust on start is a custom Angle and Distance between BAR's Example Note: On clean style, only Bar and Pointer (wihout bordes and others background elements,
  6. If possible, add a option to import a Custom Gauge for LCDRemoteSensor! I think it's already avaiable for others LCD Sensor, but not for custom LCDRemoteSensor! LCDRemoteSensor, only have this option Arc Gauge Don't have this parameter (TYPE) avaiable on Razer LCDSensor (I don't know if this is based on Device, or if this Feature removed on New Versions) With Desktop SensorPanel you can create and Import from Photoshop a Custom Gauge. But on LCDRemoteSensor, for Android you can't! And if possible, add a Sensor option to hook and capture a API/Renderer information from Game
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