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  1. 1 years later and still has the same problem, now it is at zero as in the image above
  2. since the last time i posted today it happened again, but this time the sensor reading just disappeared. I'm not using any other reading plugin, just aida64 desdump.txt ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt sensorprof.txt
  3. no, i already formatted the computer and used only aida64 to see if it solves and the problem continues
  4. Hello my motherboard is a z370 aorus gaming 7, the temperature sensors are losing their reading randomly and setting at -64 and the rpm sensors of the coolers are setting at 14 in reading. After restarting the computer everything goes back to normal, but after some time random again loses the readings desdump.txt ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt sensorprof.txt
  5. thanks, worked perfectly with the beta 6.00.5122 released today, now shows temperature, time of use and the useful life, it was great. thanks for everything
  6. I'm using version 6.0.5100, and I can not get smart data and temperature for crucial ssd ct1000p1ssd8 the temperature shown 36º is from my 3tb hdd
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