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  1. I have only had 1 crash since disabling the two raid options. So looking good so far.
  2. No it means I don't get a crash if I don't run Aida64. SSD toolbox has nothing to do with it seems to be more related to RST and aida as I was getting them without SSD toolbox installed. I had another crash last night I have disabled the two raid options you mentioned in stability. Will let you know if that works thanks:)
  3. I too have been experiencing blue screens and it seems to be due to aida64. Have used a64 for a long time but just updated my computer and since then I get usually 1 blue screen crash per day and the log points to iastora.sys. I have tried removing the Intel RST drivers and still got the same blue screen errors. I am now running the RST drivers (cause the intel ssd toolbox doesn't work properly without them) Since I saw a thread about a64 I decided to turn it off and have since had no blue screens. I am currently running a64 again and have turned off low level smart operations in the stability options to see if that makes any difference. Attached are the windows minidumps and the aida system report. I will report back when I have more data. Thanks Minidump.zip A64 Report.zip
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