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  1. How i can fix this? sfcdetails.txt
  2. Ok , thanks ¿Solution? screen calibrate the system can not find the path specified
  3. Then, i need to do the memory scan with the windows 7 original disc reparation ? Thanks again.
  4. overheating, a failing PSU - WHAT IS THAT Memory already checked with memtest86+ and no errors
  5. My computer is not overclocked.. is an acer aspire x3950
  6. Ok, thank you, but can u tell me why my computer closes when i am playing a game? I cleaned the GPU and still crashes.. nvidia geforce 315 it's updated to play well.. i need to play with a little resolution
  7. Can u help me to find these drivers? My system shutdown while i am playing a game.. My graphic card it's updated Devices.txt
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