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  1. It's not only batlefield game, i have same problem with star war the old republic, mafia 3 etc... To resume : AIDA CPU diode on and intel TBMT 3.0 on Sttuter in game with frequency that is the same the setting configured in PREFERENCES => HARDWARE MONITORING => UPDATE FREQUENCY => "sensor page". If sensor page is 3000 ms , sttuter is every 3000 ms, if setting is 1000 ms, sttuter is every 1000 ms. It's not a joke !!! AIDA CPU diode on and intel TBMT 3.0 off no problem AIDA CPU diode off and intel TBMT 3.0 on no problem AIDA off, CORE TEMP ON (program search same information from cpu core temp) and intel TBMT 3.0 on no problem It's clearly a bug between AIDA CPU diode and intel TBMT 3.0 and not a dpc problem. Have you try to reproduce with sensor page open and setting to 1000 ms with a battlefield game, when you run, stutter is very visible every one second. I love AIDA 64, please help me =>i don't know if you can modify the way to get information of core temp in cpu diode module, but if you can , send me the component and i test for you. Thank you for reading I can post video if you want or what you need. .
  2. Hello, How have you reproduced the problem ? If we used DPC latency checker, there is no problem with it, i have never see stutter with this program, only with game. You can test with battlefield 4 or battlefield 1 game for example.
  3. Hello, Last beta update not fix stutter. Any news about progression ? Have a nice day
  4. No problem, i'm working in IT support and i know that can be complex to find a bug. If i can help you, don't hesitate to tell me. Best regards
  5. i have try another thing, i download an launch coretemp application V1.41 last release, this application have no problem for viewing cpu core temp on G19 with no stutter, so i think that it use another method to get this temperature, can you implement this method for processor that support Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 ?
  6. i have update driver for Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 to last october release but stutter is still here
  7. Yes good point, when i disable intel Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, no stutter, how can i do to have Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 enable and aida in same time ? Can you create a fix for this ?
  8. Yes same stutter problem when i disable G19 LCD support and open Computer / sensor page
  9. Same problem with beta, no change. Sorry but it's not Logitech G15 but G19. i don't think that change anything.
  10. Oh thanks for program DPC latency checker, i have find the module who stutter game : It's CPU DIODE It's logical because i have update cpu so i have update aida too for support my new cpu. One things : when i 'm disable cpu diodes => no stutter but no temperature viewing for all core execept CORE 1, it's Strange no ,temperature of core 1 not use CPU DIODE module :-) ? Thanks PS: sorry if my English is bas, i'm not speaking very well in English. Best regards
  11. hello, Aida 5.80.4000 When i play game (exemple Battlefield 4) game sttutering at same frequency that G15 LCD refresh rate setting in hardware monitoring => update frequency => LCD. If i put 1000 ms so stutter is every 1000 ms, if i put 5000 ms so stutter every 5000 ms. If i disable Logitech LCD qupport in LCD section so no stutter in game. In stability menu, if i disable low-level PCI bus operations => no stutter in game but no information on gpu ans cpu on G15 LCD. I have changed my motherboard ( asus x99 Deluxe II )and cpu ( intel 6850k ) recently and i have update AIDA to last version for intel 6850K support in aida I don't remember what version of aida i have before but no stutter problem before (asus P8Z68 Deluxe and intel 2700k) GPu : 2 nvidia 980GTX in sli with Windows 10 64 bits las build. How fix this problem . Best regards
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