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  1. ok i enderstand ,thank you , i have change my language for english , all my 7 sensors selected for the gpu2 , now apparent at all starting and stay on desk ,it is ok , it is not a problem for me , wilson
  2. i reinstall my aida in english ,now all my sensors prefered are apparents , but the software dont start auto with win10 , i have to start manuelly the aida64
  3. i have forget to tell you ,when these sensors dont work ,and i regard in the main list for osd panel ,these sensors dont apparent in the long list , when the sensors reapparent on my desk and i regard in the main list , these sensors are there and ckecked
  4. i have check my msi afterburner , everything are good setting ,and my ULPS was to off ,after much times stop and restart the system win10 ,nothing change . itis the same it is intermittent ,all the sensor on osd panel for gp2 normally dont apparent , only the sensor usage gp2 % is all time apparent and,i dont think ,i have problem because your software is installed in french in my tower, thank you for you help i have remark one other problem on this tower with your software ,i have check in my setting to start auto, my aida must start on starting my windows10 ,i have all time to start my aida manual it dont start automatic , and on my other tower with win10 ,no problem the aida start same time the system thank you , wilson
  5. my sensors adjusted on osd panel, for my gpu 2 in crossfire ,some time are apparents ,much time when i start my tower with asus motherboard M5A99X EVO R2.0 ,they dont apparent , it is all time and only for my second video card gpu2 i need all my sensors for overclock and benchtests what is my problem ? , thank you wilson
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