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  1. With new Geekbench 4, users can benchmark tablets, phones and computers and results can be compared to each other so you can see whether your phone or your notebook is faster. A few months after that program has been released, over a million results of benchmarked devices is online - including upcoming tech like Kaby Lake. I have the fear that AIDA64 cannot compete with that and it cannot compete with the more self-explaining benchmarks there so I want to suggest using new benchmarks like LZMA, HTML5 parsing, PDF rendering, Speech recognition.. perhaps instead of Julia, SinJulia and Mandel benchmarks. Even more important (from my point of view) are (GPU) Compute-Benchmarks, preferably in benchmark menu (where all other benchmarks are) rather than in Tools/GPGPU-benchmark window. Those benchmarks could use OpenCL and could calculate histogram equalization, face detection, physics or camera raw developments/conversions instead of Julia and Mandel. As people can cope better with 2 scores than many, I would suggest AIDA to report 2 scores after all benchmarks are done: one for CPU and one for GPU. This is just brainstorming - please don't take that personal.
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