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  1. romP44

    BS player file name

    Yes I have the same issue with video and audio files. It was working 1st time I tried, but I don't remember with which build it was.
  2. romP44

    BS player file name

  3. romP44

    BS player file name

    I have BS Player 2.70 and AIDA64 Beta 5.80.4084. Same issue with build 4079c.
  4. romP44

    BS player file name

    Hello, In the last beta build (4081), it seems that the sensor to get file name played in BS Player is not working anymore. It's always "Unknown". Elapsed time and status are OK. It's working with Winamp. Thanks,
  5. romP44

    LCD management

    For VLC, it is possible to get info by HTTP. First , in the option of VLC, Web interface must be activated. Then in a web browser, it's possible to get info from VLC at this address : http://localhost:8080/requests/status.xml Example of answer: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?> <root> <fullscreen>0</fullscreen> <audiodelay>0</audiodelay> <apiversion>3</apiversion> <currentplid>4</currentplid> <time>6</time> <volume>289</volume> <length>21374</length> <random>true</random> <audiofilters> <filter_0></filter_0></audiofilters> <rate>1</rate> <videoeffects> <hue>0</hue> <saturation>1</saturation> <contrast>1</contrast> <brightness>1</brightness> <gamma>1</gamma></videoeffects> <state>playing</state> <loop>false</loop> <version>2.2.4 Weatherwax</version> <position>0.0003166749374941</position> <repeat>false</repeat> <subtitledelay>0</subtitledelay> <equalizer></equalizer><information> <category name="meta"> <info name='filename'>halloween eq.mp3</info> </category> <category name='Flux 0'><info name='Canaux '>Mono</info><info name='Fréquence d&#39;échantillonnage'>44100 Hz</info><info name='Type '>Audio</info><info name='Débit '>128 kbit/s</info><info name='Codec '>MPEG Audio layer 1/2 (mpga)</info></category> </information> <stats> <lostabuffers>0</lostabuffers> <readpackets>104</readpackets> <lostpictures>0</lostpictures> <demuxreadbytes>105324</demuxreadbytes> <demuxbitrate>0.016014367341995</demuxbitrate> <playedabuffers>251</playedabuffers> <demuxcorrupted>0</demuxcorrupted> <sendbitrate>0</sendbitrate> <sentbytes>0</sentbytes> <displayedpictures>0</displayedpictures> <demuxreadpackets>0</demuxreadpackets> <sentpackets>0</sentpackets> <inputbitrate>0.016173057258129</inputbitrate> <demuxdiscontinuity>0</demuxdiscontinuity> <averagedemuxbitrate>0</averagedemuxbitrate> <decodedvideo>0</decodedvideo> <averageinputbitrate>0</averageinputbitrate> <readbytes>105884</readbytes> <decodedaudio>251</decodedaudio> </stats> </root> More info : https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_HTTP_requests/ https://wiki.videolan.org/documentation:modules/http_intf/ It seems there are other ways to communicate with VLC: https://wiki.videolan.org/Control_VLC_instance/
  6. romP44

    LCD management

    1) OK 2) you could get the list of processes running on the computer, display it in the Preferences window and for each one, attribute a Page number to be displayed http://stackoverflow.com/questions/876224/how-to-check-if-a-process-is-running-using-delphi 3) I don't know by heart the maximum speed of my fans, so I my opinion it's easier to see the duty cycle. I cannot know if they are running fast or slow with RPM value. Edit: I have been able to display what I want using bar, minimum 0 RPM, maximum adjusted by setting manually fan to max speed. Options for LCD pages are great ! 4) I'll send the file by mail
  7. romP44

    LCD management

    Hello, I'am now happy to use AIDA with my 256x64 OLED display (ER-OLEDM032 based on SSD1322). This display is in my home theater computer next to my TV and my home cinema amplifier. I have some suggestions: Have a fade time between each page to have smooth transitions. Be able to automatically display one or several pages depending on which software is running (i.e : game => temperature pages, movie => page with name of the movie, desktop => page with date and hour). Is VLC supported to get file name, status and elapsed time? I do not know the software BS Player, and Winamp cannot be used for movies. Why I do not get the duty cycle of fans except the one of my GPU ? I have only fan speed. With other software, I have PWM of all fans. Status of BS Player or Winamp to be changed in French : "Jouer" => "Lecture", "Stoppé" => "Arrêté". I have edited my lang_fr.txt file. Thanks !
  8. And it works ! EastRising ER-OLEDM02 (SSD1322) is now supported by AIDA64! Thank you very much Fiery! A video: https://youtu.be/T1jZdKms2Yc And the wiring diagram:
  9. I'm happy to announce that my example C++ project is working ! It will only display a fix image, but it's a good starting point. I have used Visual studio community 2015. Take care ! Compare to Labview, I have changed the SPI mode. It must be mode 0, not 2. Also, the options for the function "SPI_write" must be "assert line before transfer"= true (it was false with Labview). I hope it will help you. Please let me know if something is not clear. simple test SSD1322 C++.zip
  10. Thanks ! I'm developing the driver for LCD hype, still not tested as I have compilation errors.
  11. UP Have you received the documentation ?
  12. I received the OLED display, and after debug, I managed to make it work with Labview ! You can find enclosed a HTML documentation generated by Labview. I hop it will be enough to develop and add the support of ER-OLEDM032 displays. ER-OLEDM032 (SSD1322) Labview doc.zip
  13. I'm currently programming with Labview a test application. Once I have received the display and tested it, I will give you a document with all necessary parameters and commands. But I'm still wondering if I use 3 wires SPI OR 3 wires SPI + 1 GPIO pin for data/command info...
  14. Here is the USB dump with the FT232h connected. My OLED display is still in China... usbdump FTDI232h.txt
  15. I can use 2 ways to connect the SSD1322 to the FT232h. - 3 wires SPI : 9 bits of data (1 for command/data and 8 bits of data) - 3 wires SPI + 1 wire for command/data pin : 8 bits of data What would you prefer ? 9 bits it's not so easy to manage...