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  1. Hello, I have a Lenovo L340 laptop with Nvidia GTX1050. Unfortunately, I can't see GPU usage of the Nvidia GPU. I can see only embedded Intel GPU: But card is detected in another menu:
  2. Special offer ! Price per unit without OLED screen: 26,68€ 20€ (without shipping) Price per unit with OLED screen: 55,55€ 45€ (without shipping)
  3. 8 interfaces are available! All were tested: Price per unit (without OLED screen): 26,68€ (without shipping) If you want, I can provide you interface + OLED display assembled: Price per unit (with OLED screen): 55,55€ (without shipping) As described in my first post, 4 OLED colors are available : white, blue, green and yellow. Payement by Paypal. See you, Romain
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