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  1. Hi , i do have an issue with Hardware Monitoring 2 Nvidia Cards in my System. The Cards are not in an SLI System. Cards in my System: GTX780ti in PCIe Slot 1 3GB Video Memory GTX1080ti in PCIe Slot 3 11GB Video Memory (Main Card) On my Samsung Display i want to Display these Parameters from my GTX1080ti: Video Memory Usage Used Video Memory Free Video Memory Obviously these Data are only taken from PCIe Slot 1. Is there anything i can do? Could you implement a way that these parameters could be read from PCIe Slot 2, 3, 4? Greets Stefan
  2. Hi there, i have 3 Nvidia Video Cards in my System. 2 x Gtx780Ti which are working in 2-Way SLI for 3D Gaming and one GT 730 which is just for Hdmi Audio and to Support my 2D assistant Monitor. The 3rd Card is just used as single Card and not in the SLI. The Problem is that Aida can not recognize the 2 Way SLI as "connected". Aida64 always Displays SLI "Disconnected". Hopefully u can Fix that ;-)
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