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  1. Hello, Recently I installed the AIDA64 App on my Android phone to try out. After successful installation I ran it. Several of the results were not clear as to what they were exactly, or there were two or more parameters with very similar names and wanted to know what the differences were, so I went to your website (on my phone) in order to contact you to ask about them. Before I could send any message to contact you, I was required to register on the forum... This I proceeded to do. After entering the required personal details (user name, email, pwd), I had to indicate I was not a robot by marking a check-box. I clicked the box and was presented with a matrix of photos in which I had to click the ones with a specific characteristic (e.g. a house, street signs or house numbers, etc.). My phone screen is small so these pictures were tiny, and hard to identify the required characteristic. Each time I'd clicked what I thought were the correct pictures and then "Verify", I was presented with a new matrix of pictures and a new characteristic, I tried at least 3 times, and failed. I could not get past that last hurdle, to prove I'm not a robot (and I'm not! :-) ). Back home on my PC I went through the same process, but when I reached the not-a-robot-proof stage, I clicked the check box which displayed a green checkmark (tick) after 2-3 seconds. I was informed an email was sent. When I received it, I clicked the contained link, and presto! I was registered. Why was the process on my phone so difficult? (Accessing my bank account from my phone was easier!) Where can I find explanations for the parameters that are displayed in the results on my phone? Is there a Help or Documentation file with this information? Can I access them from my PC? As I said before, my phone screen is small, so it would be hard to read there. It will be much easier on my PC screen. Thanks! hsb3852
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