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  1. Hi Fiery, my LCD is Firmware V3.1. When I boot my Windows 10 PC and autostart AIDA64 - I have the missing 1 row. When I than quit AIDA64 and run CrystalControl or LCDSmartie everything looks right at the LCD (all rows are correct). Now I quit CrystalControl or LCDSmartie and run AIDA64 and although everything looks right (all rows are correct). It looks like an initialization problem of AIDA64. CrystalControl or LCDSmartie have not that problem. Thanks Beppo
  2. Hi, I've connected a Crystalfontz CFA634 USB display with AIDA64 5.80.4000. There is a problem with the row index / offset. The 2nd configured row is displayed in the first row, the 3rd configured row ist displayed in the 2nd row and so on. The 1st configured row is missing on the display... and when I move all configured rows one down, the last one ist missing... I've attached some pictures of my configs and the lcd. Any tipps, how to use all 4 rows? Best Beppo
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