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  1. Too late. I returned the motherboard to the store and replaced it by another model while I had the opportunity. Of course the problem was in the chip NCT6683D-T. This weird chip has the built-in microcontroller for unknown purposes with its own rom chip on the motherboard with its own firmware. This chip is living its own life and doesn't want to share its data. Furthermore even ASRock A-Tuning utility doesn't support this motherboard! I hope this topic will be useful to someone else.
  2. ISA Sensor Dump from new special build, still empty. I've already tried hwinfo and hwmonitor, same thing. So I had no luck with my motherboard. Anyway, thank you for your efforts! isasensordump.txt
  3. ISA Sensor Dump from special build, still no changes. isasensordump.txt
  4. ISA sensor dump has no changes. isasensordump.txt
  5. ASRock H270M Pro4. ALL motherboard sensors are missing. Chip Nuvoton NCT6683D-T. isasensordump.txt ecdump.txt
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