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  1. I didn't need to restart or upgrade as this is the portable version you've provided me. It's naming/detecting the things I pointed out correctly on this beta build. Looking forward to the stable release installation. Thanks for your work.
  2. So I'm on a new platform. ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Ryzen 7 2700X And using the latest version of AIDA64 v5.97.4600 I'm getting incorrect temperature readings, fan names/sensors are not right; they should be Chassis 1, 2, 3. Also there's no voltage readings for the DDR4 memory. I used ASUS AI Suite III which is a program that came with this motherboard and that has the readings correctly, however I really would prefer to only use 1 program to do my hardware readings and that's AIDA64.
  3. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/KF28yf AIDA64.exe just runs on Normal priority whether it's ran manually or through a scheduler. aida_bench64.dll runs at below priority as what you mentioned by default whether it's ran manually or through a scheduler.
  4. I see, do you also experience the same issue? My solution is to just start AIDA64 manually everytime I reboot.
  5. Whenever I start AIDA64 through the Windows 10 Task Scheduler and I run the CPU+FPU+cache test under SST the entire interface of SST will become Not Responding for a few seconds then it will begin. However the interface is laggy meaning the line graphs update every 7-12 seconds and the Elasped Time counter will update every 8-12 seconds. Trying to click through the tabs will cause a 2-3 second lag. When I start AIDA64 normally either from the desktop shortcut or aida64.exe inside the installation directory, SST is not laggy when Started, the line graph updates every second so does the Elasped
  6. Nothing to see here.
  7. 00110100

    All good.

    Nothing to see here.
  8. Yes I realize that but I'm not doing any graphics testing so I ignore GT Cores just pure CPU tests and I have disabled my iGPU in my BIOS.
  9. Do I add CPU Package and CPU IA Cores under Power Values to know how much TDP/Power Consumption my CPU uses at X% load? Using CPU+FPU+cache for System Stability Test I'm getting a total of 189W (Package: 99W IA: 90W) at 4.5GHz 1.3v.
  10. Is this an error within the AMD v17.1.1 drivers, AIDA64 or both? as it is showing incorrect voltage readings? But GPU-Z shows the correct readings (I'm assuming). http://imgur.com/a/Otvhg Some more info: Before updating my drivers AIDA64 never shows my GPU Core voltage, just the other GPU voltages at their correct values I assume as there was nothing out of the "ordinary". I was on the AMD v16 drivers before updating.
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