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  1. thank you, Fiery! i wasn't thinking, that enabling separate features brings some focused tests! i've just enabled all pc + ram ones. however, i will have to include more test hours indeed, as 1h was not enough -- i had bsod after playing one of my games for ~40 minutes. thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, First of all, i love AIDA, as this a thing from my childhood, which i was use with my Athlon 900 and i don't even remember how much years ago it was... I would like to thanks it's creators for this pure masterpiece Testing my 6600k OC modes i was running few popular stability tests: Prime, OCCT, Linx -- all of them burn my CPU quite well and using top clocks i always get an errors or reached temperature limits (i have only performa 10). When i'm doing AIDA Stability Test, my CPU heat is far lower, than with "guys" from above, somewhere around 60-65 C* and without any
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