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  1. I got GTX 660 with last driver version (378.92), but i had this problem in AIDA until i reinstall whole system to the Windows 10. This was the only way i could solve this issue, so it might be just AIDAs incompatibility. As i see now, crashes in games isn't connected to crashes during AIDAs GPU tests.
  2. I was tired of all this and just reinstall the system one day. The problem solved now, but my videodriver still crashes in the games, so, i guess, it's just videocard death has came Since it's not my DROM, which i was replaced by other module, it must by only videocard. Now i want to find same model of VC and test it. Thanks for all of your help then. I wish all TechSupps work as good as you did here. Also, i found that AIDA is an excellent choice for comlex tests like this. So from now on, I'am gonna advise it to more peoples for similar purposes.
  3. Then it means that i can't update or find the troubles by scanning this thing and the only way to refresh it - reinstall the OS system, right? I have no idea which file is call for other files and by that i can't even replace them manually..
  4. Strange it happens only in AIDA GPU stress-test... Here you can find my videolog of this crash (upload to the Google Drive): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B60c8frY41ZwWHM2cXhvUWFoLUE
  5. Iam just delete the OpenCL.dll and reinstall it via nVIDIA driver update, but Problem stll here :C Also sfc.exe never find any errors after 2 launchs.
  6. The card itself is working properly in other situations. I tested it for 40 minutes under the load, but there were no errors during the tests.
  7. It certainly can not be a videodriver due to the fact that an attempt to test Intel HD built-in videocard couses the same instant crash :\ I was tried to check my OC memory moduls on the errors, and also reduced their frequency to default values, but this also had no effect.
  8. I did update my GTX 660 driver to last version after total wipe (deleted all components including .dll) of previos version but this not solved my problem. Maybe theres might be something else with corrupted .dll files?
  9. Theres something wrong about my system (whih is Windows 7 SP1) i guess. When I just start the stability test of any GPUs, no matter discrete or built-in, i got my appropriate videodriver crash. I'm assuming that the problem may be caused by the conflict of the drivers, but still theres no same problem if i use any other GPUs testing app such as FurMark or Video Memory stress Test. I want to know, what errors of my system can cause this crashes?
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