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  1. The interesting thing is my license was not sold by a third-party seller in Amazon Marketplace. It was sold by Amazon Digital Services, LLC and added to my Amazon Software Library, just like many other software titles I bought. It's unfortunate you cannot trust even Amazon themselves. I did get a reply from Sales explaining this and was able to get a refund from Amazon after explaining the issue. I bought a 3-year AIDA64 license directly from you with the 20% off coupon that Sales provided, thank you!
  2. Hi there! I just updated AIDA64 to 5.90.4200 and when I launched it, it said my license information was corrupted and to re-enter my license key. When I re-enter the key, it tells me my product key has been blacklisted. I deleted the PKEY.TXT file and it still says the key has been blacklisted. I installed the Windows Creator update last night if that matters. Updated AIDA64 this morning. I bought AIDA64 from Amazon 2 years ago, my key is legitimate. I emailed sales@aida64.com about this and wondering if anyone else encountered this?
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