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  1. Hello Fiery, thank you for the download. There are two strange things. Firstly, some temperature values sometimes shown and sometimes they get disappear or N/A. Another thing is, the fan control section in AI Suite is very laggy when AIDA 64 runs in the background. Also, CPU package temperature in AIDA64 has +5 degree celcius offset. I don't know why this is happening. Thank you. I am again sending the debug info. debug_info_new.txt
  2. Thank you Fiery. I am waiting for the new beta release.
  3. And here are the debug info, All the missing values are however shown in debug info. The debug file is generated using "aida64extreme_build_4376_hj2g9dwprb" beta version. debug_info_tuf_x299_mark_1.txt
  4. Hello to all of you, I can't see my fan speeds, water pump speed and voltage values in AIDA64. My motherboard is asus tuf x299 mark 1. Is there any possible way that i can see these values. I am waiting your helps thank you.
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