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  1. Thank you I got it to work see below. I can confirm that the Windows 10 Creators update "Game Mode" doesn't make a difference. I also put Aida64 in the task manager on "High Priority" and it still didn't make a difference. It was only when I put it to "Realtime Priority" on the task manager where it now updates every second as it always did before. I also changed my update frequency to around 900ms instead of 1000ms and it now updates every second or more. I do you know if doing it even faster, like 500ms or 100ms will overburden or create any unintentional side affects or
  2. Been using Aida64 extreme for many years now. I recently upgraded my computer top to bottom and now I'm having an issue. I use the Logitech G19 keyboard with LCD support. I have all my computer vitals such as time, cpu usage, gpu usage, FPS, etc. I have the update frequency every 1000ms or 1 second and I have a system time with seconds on there so I can see every second it updates. I've always done this. Issue now is the LCD does NOT update every 1 second and it's DIFFERENT for every 3D game I play. In normal windows usage, it only updates every 1-2 seconds In some g
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