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  1. Thank you I got it to work see below. I can confirm that the Windows 10 Creators update "Game Mode" doesn't make a difference. I also put Aida64 in the task manager on "High Priority" and it still didn't make a difference. It was only when I put it to "Realtime Priority" on the task manager where it now updates every second as it always did before. I also changed my update frequency to around 900ms instead of 1000ms and it now updates every second or more. I do you know if doing it even faster, like 500ms or 100ms will overburden or create any unintentional side affects or wouldn't be an issue on an expensive gaming computer like mine? Sorry about the ticket. I copy & pasted my Aida64 report and it looks like it reached the maximum characters allowed so it bumped the actual complaint text off the ticket.
  2. Been using Aida64 extreme for many years now. I recently upgraded my computer top to bottom and now I'm having an issue. I use the Logitech G19 keyboard with LCD support. I have all my computer vitals such as time, cpu usage, gpu usage, FPS, etc. I have the update frequency every 1000ms or 1 second and I have a system time with seconds on there so I can see every second it updates. I've always done this. Issue now is the LCD does NOT update every 1 second and it's DIFFERENT for every 3D game I play. In normal windows usage, it only updates every 1-2 seconds In some games, it takes 3 seconds to update Other games, it takes 5-10 seconds to update Ingame menus seem to run ok at 1-2 second updates but when you go in-game it will change. This kind of makes it so I can't see my FPS and stats in real-time now so it's kind of a deal breaker. Some possible culprits are the new Windows 10 64bit Creator Update I installed on my system. Another may be my new 1440p 144hz Gsync monitor but problem is still the same with Gsync on or off (was 4k 60hz) I also went from Z170 6600k to Z720 7700k and Samsung Nvme 950pro to 960pro. Also Titan X (Pascal) to 1080Ti. Please help out. I submitted a ticket but not sure what's going on with that. I have the problem with both the stable and the latest beta release. I'm pretty proficient with computers and this is a brand new fresh windows install. Did reinstall of logitech software, Nvidia software, Aida64, etc. Uploaded my Aida64 report below. Thanks. EDIT: I don't think this is related to the "AIDA64 with Logitech G15 support sttutering game" topic since I'm not really seeing any stutters. Report.htm
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