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  1. CPUID HWMON seems to have no issues displaying the correct values effieciently... Was the same as link4 for both the ax1200i and hx850i.. but again using much less cpu rescources to do so.... just not customisable...
  2. Hi, This is more aimed at the developers.... I would be more than happy to pay for AIDA64 if it was comparable with other software for CPU Usage... I know that its negligible but nonetheless the difference in CPU usage is startling.... Not only does HWMON give you some extra details like your Current/Min/Max on the sensor screen but its update rate is probably only 100ms vs 1000ms too... So why does AIDA64 consume so much CPU resources to give you less information less frequently. If AIDA64 Consumed less resources and had a Customisable Sensor window with min/max/current
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