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  1. 2 hours ago, Fiery said:

     It's a discontinued product, so if you ping the right person at Lenovo, there's a chance they figure there's nothing wrong handing out such details on an old-ish product...

    The 2 groups of memory slots are assigned to a single CPU each. Currently I presume that only the SPD of the 1st CPU is recognized.

    Are you sure this is really a Lenovo issue or might it be a limitation of the Intel Tylersburg 5520 chipset? If Lenovo had followed an Intel reference design the Information needed might already have been published by Intel.

    Simpler question: Are there other 5520-dual-processor-mainboards, where AIDA64 is able to read all SPD Information (e.g. https://ark.intel.com/de/products/36599/Intel-Server-Board-S5520HC )? 

  2. I’ve recently acquired a Lenovo ThinkStation C20 (4263) system (Intel Tylersburg 5520).

    The dual-processor mainboard is equipped with six identical 4 GB RAM-Modules.

     The OS w10 pro x64 (10.0.15063.413 (Win10 RS2)) indicates 24 GB of Memory.


    AIDA64 indicates 24 GB of Memory in the Memory Tab, but the SPD information lists 12 GB (3 of 6 RAM-modules) only.

    May I ask if this is a bug or a feature?



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