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  1. haha I just found that before you replied ! OK, so I now have it dragged onto the small screen.. How do I make my own custom sensor panel? It needs to be bigger and I want to change the colours etc. Edit. Where are my manners? wow, thanks for the very quick reply ! I didn't waste £30 Edit again. Found the size but yeah, would like to skin it !
  2. Hi all. Noob here so please be gentle. I purchased a 7" HDMI touch screen LCD from a friend a few days ago. I got it today, and bought Aida Extreme so that I could run it as a LCD for monitoring temps etc. It comes up in Windows as a standard monitor, I am not fussed about the touch screen part. However, when I go File-Preferences-LCD all I see are actual devices, not just a standard monitor :S Did I buy Aida in error? This is the screen here. http://www.waveshare.com/wiki/7inch_HDMI_LCD_(C) It's the 7" HDMI 1024x600 model. I figured you could use any monitor to display temps etc :S Thanks ! Alien.
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