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  1. Ok. On my previous board, on previous platform some reading were lower, example for + 5V here is +5.112 on previous motherboard was 5.032V. Does that mean different motherboard - different sensors or PSU degradation?
  2. I can`t find that voltage in BIOS or Asrock program, that would mean that I am safe By some small chance what if this reading is accurate, what problem would I encounter?
  3. In Aida64 +5V standby voltage is reported as +5.261. Tolerance is: +5Vsb tolerance ±5% - from +4.75V to +5.25V Should I be worried?
  4. Comparing Aida64 to HWinfo, why Aida doesn`t have numbers of sensors for motherboards like HWinfo? Example: HW info for my mbo have 7 sensors, Aida64 have only 2(no vrm sensor)!!
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