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  1. AMAZING!!!! Great work. It shows the fan speed now. Thank you.
  2. I like how Aida64 is designated as female.
  3. It's not a notebook, but a very small VESA mounting PC; but I guess many/all of the internals are notebook orientated. There is no Lenovo software on my system to measure the speed and the BIOS does not give it either. The BIOS allows me to 3 options: Low Acoustic (low speed until needed), Low Thermal (slightly higher than normal fan) and Full Speed. I will do the ISA sensor dump now... isasensordump.txt
  4. Sorry. Should have posted into "Brainstorming".
  5. Can you help me get the fan speed sensor detected please? This particular model of computer only has a single fan for the whole system (being a tiny machine).
  6. I find I need to set the sensor sampling to a very low rate (to achieve a whole day's test on one graph screen). However, I've noticed, even with very slow sampling rates (of say every 30 seconds), it still just takes a snapshot sample and so spikes are still obvious. I would like the sample rate to be a separate setting to actual plotting rate. It would be very handy indeed to set a slow plotting rate (and thus "average out" multiple sensor readings). So for example, 10 samples plotted as a single plot every 30 seconds. Single high/low spike samples would be averaged out with the o
  7. Absolutely brilliant! Works perfectly! Thank you. :-)
  8. Thank you Fiery - see attached. Greg isa sensor dump.txt
  9. Hello all. I am new to this forum but I've been using Aida64 for a while now. I've just moved over to a Ryzen build and I have noticed that the fan labels (in Stability test) are the wrong way round. "Chassis" is labelled as "CPU" and visa-versa. My mobo is an ASRock A320M-DGS if that helps. I can confirm that my fans are plugged into the correct headers on the board. Is there anything I can configure to correct this? Thank you!
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