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  1. Ok thanks for letting me know. Unfortunatly using port A (1) would totally destory the looks of the build so that isn't really an option and I would still only have 1 readout working and not both. Is there any ETA on the planned update? I'm currently using beta 4391 and would really prefer to use the AIDA software in combination with my custom made sensor panel compared to the bloatware that is called AI Suite 3.
  2. I mean the "normal" ones labelled "T_Sensor1", "T_Sensor2" and "T_Sensor3". The other ones are only available if you plug in a separate fan controller card that is shipped with the mainboard but I don't use that. Edit: I added the page from the manual where you can see the ports that I'm refering to. I use the ports B (for an air temp sensor) and C (for a water temp sensor).
  3. Hi, first of all I wanted to thank the creator(s) of AIDA64 for their great work in creating this amazing tool. I just finished my PC build with a ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme mainboard and a custom water cooling loop. The mainboard has 3x 2-pin ports for temperature sensors (just like the Rampage IV Extreme and Rampage III Extreme mainboards that I had before). However, none of the readouts of those sensors are listed in the "Sensor tab" of AIDA64. The plugged in sensors work fine and show up in UEFI with correct temperatures but the readouts don't show up in AIDA64. On my old mainboards I could see the sensors in Windows as well. Is there any chance or way to get those sensor readouts added to AIDA? Best regards
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