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  1. @FieryI install Windows 2008 R2 according to the default installation process. After installation, I have this bug. In addition, I am using Windows 2008 R2 simplified Chinese version. Is it related to language version?
  2. also “Windows 2003 R2 server” has the same problem。
  3. 原来论坛可以注册中文名字啊,亏了! 嗯,还好可以改名!人性化的论坛! (Remarks, chating, forum administrator There is no need for translation)
  4. 在 WIndows 2008 操作系统中,OSD菜单中的 磁盘活动 无法正常运行,必须运行Windows的资源监视器,磁盘活动功能才会出现。如果资源监视器退出,那么磁盘活动监视功能也失效了。 In the WIndows 2008 operating system, disk activity in the OSD menu does not work properly, and the Windows resource monitor must be run. Disk activity will appear.If the resource monitor exits, then the disk activity monitoring function is invalid.
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