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  1. A stubborn issue. But in my opinion when we upgrade Win 10 version as you did, only certain system files have been replaced, not all. The files concerning new featues, reported issues that MS solved will be replaced certainly but what with the rest... So if a virus or sth else damaged some of the files or drivers, expectably some of them will be renewed with the upgrade, but plenty of them won't. Besides reinstalling OS with formatting, system repair could refresh the files thoroughly, but me myself don't prefer it. Like repaired and new pants are not same. A real example: my brother had an issue where none of USB ports worked at all on his Notebook, not even after reinstalling drivers and whatever he did unless migrated to another Win 10 version. I think he had been using 1709 then installed 1703. Probably nothing of it could solve the issue with your PC, but who knows.
  2. Just a suggestion whilst you are waiting for the answer from AIDA's team. If i were you, i would try to solve the issue reinstalling the OS with a different Windows 10 version (for instance, as you are on 1803 for now, 1809 would be installed then ). Why so? Because most of users experienced various bugs on their's machines usinf any Win 10 ver., me as well. Migrating to a new version seems solved many old issues that even resisted after patching the version with updates, but ofc new ones "must" be born in order to MS exists. Otherwise, why would we need MS anymore and how would they justify the usual connecting to our PCs and gathering our more or less private data. Me myself am using Windows 10 with integrated updates where the updates have been installed right with the OS. Then just enter your licence and that's it. Ofc, disabling spyware tasks, auto Win Updates, telemetry etc. with a program like O&O ShutUp is unavoidable. Drivers, used programs.. Ok, not so fast, but after it the PC must be faster, clean of malicious things etc. Just to mention that versions 1803 and 1809 are the slowest, but you can decrease HW usage by some tricks ( read more ). Also, seems MS released performance usage with their latest patch for 1809 (10.0.17763.348) ( changelog ). Hope i helped at least a bit with my suggestion but it's up to you to decide what's the most appropriate to do. The easiest solution (for you) would be the patch for AIDA if it causes the issue.
  3. Just a little help. If you are not sure what the SATA MODE is your SATA Controller set on, please watch the video from min 2:45 and check it out in your BIOS to be sure: video You may also take a pic/screenshot of it and attach here.
  4. Thx for your answer. So, there is not solution to solve the bug with the memory report issue? Wouldn't any future driver update gave any help to solve the bug?
  5. Here is the file you need: https://justpaste.it/5t3af. Also, i've attached the file, just in case. nvidia GTX 1060 laptop results AID64.txt
  6. Hi. I'm having an issue so that AIDA is not displaying check boxes of Used Video Memory, Free Video Memory and GPU in Cooling Fans category of External application section. There are simpy not those boxes for my GTX 1060 6GB (Dell Inspiron 7577 laptop) Card. Here is an example made with GTX 1050 about what the boxes are concerned: https://ibb.co/npTySy Please, give you your thought. Thx in advance.
  7. yes, exactly that, to measure Wh or (kWh) to any moment of time, to see how much the energy (money) a PC consumed to certain moment. It's about Total, but Average power consumption would be very useful as well. It would calculate the consumption from any new system startup. For instance, like the vehicles have total fuel consumption (from-to a point) and average (of driving from-to the point).
  8. hi. Could you add an option to see the Total and Average Power Consumption in a moment. It would be especially useful to add to External applications so that the values have been writing to the registry for using with other programs like Rainmeter?
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