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  1. I now have a GeForce 6600 GT 128MB PCI-E GPU in the system, sadly, the BSOD still appears under Windows 98 SE. Can it be due to the CPU being too new, or the GPU being on PCI-E?
  2. Thankfully, I didn't have to sell the PC, here is the dump you've requested: isadump.txt
  3. I'm sorry for the response, but I do not have this PC any more, I had to sell it for personal reasons. Thanks for understanding.
  4. With the latest beta version, everything seems to be working fine as seen in the screenshot below! Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/4bmcCmh
  5. The CPU fan and the Chassis fan speeds/labels are mixed up in the latest version of AIDA64 (5.98.4803), other software such as HWMonitor show the correct values as seen here that match what the UEFI says: https://imgur.com/a/Upy7ah5
  6. AIDA64 crashes at the startup splash screen when it says: "Checking the speed of the processor". Try to install KernelEx from here. I use it, maybe it's the cause of the problem? Here you can download it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/kernelex/files/
  7. I've switched to the VBEMP generic VGA drivers for Win9x. You can find it here: http://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vbe9x.htm And as expected, AIDA64 works wonderfully with this driver. It's only NVIDIA drivers that cause the BSOD, or at least I've confirmed it now.
  8. I do not have the first AMD system anymore, I've definitely tried versions 82.69, 81.98, 81.85, and 77.72 on it. On the second system I use 82.69. 82.69 drivers were not officially released, they can be found here: http://www.mdgx.com/files/nv8269.php
  9. Hello! I finally got around to test this further, count me lazy Here's the BSOD in question, in case it might be useful to fix the problem: (I use Polish version, as I'm from Poland, the BSOD codes should be the same ) The BSOD, as far as I know, only occurs when I have NVIDIA 98SE video drivers installed. When I uninstall these particular video drivers, the BSOD goes away. I've tried older versions of the drivers, but this didn't help. The BSOD has occurred on these systems: 1. AMD Athlon 64 3000+ / ASRock K8Upgrade-NF3 / GeForce 6800 GT / NVIDIA drivers
  10. Hello! I use Windows 98SE on a regular basis, and I love AIDA64, as it's the most comprehensive hardware utility available for this legacy OS by far with lots of features. I admire that you still support such legacy OS. (even if the installer doesn't work any more, I use the portable ZIP version) However, on many machines I've tried 98SE on, AIDA64 causes a BSOD while "Checking processor speed" (or something similar) at the start up. The BSOD tells something about LLKD, and I know it's the VXD driver named kerneld.w9x that enables the hardware identification like old CPU-Z versi
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