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  1. Hi, We run on the buisnes version, when does it aprox come out as either a stable or beta for that?
  2. Ill try that. When does the update go into stable instead of beta?
  3. Hi, We have some issues where I7-9750HF and Intel Pentium Gold 5405U is not found correctly in the summary of the machine: It can however be found under DMI: Same case for the Pentium Gold: What do we need to do to make these processors appear correctly in the summary?
  4. Is there a way we could make the procress easier for me to add the displays that are missing? And likewise easier for you to implement instead of having to type off a image?
  5. Okay. Would it be possible to assume, that if one of two sticks are soldered to the motherboard, it would always be the one showing up in DRAM Slot#1 that is the soldered one, and DRAM2 is the removable one. With reservation for models where my company knows DRAM2 is also possible soldered to the motherboard?
  6. Hello, Is there a way to tell if in a laptop, a ram stick is soldered to the motherboard, or removable via the reports generated by AIDA? Best regards Novius
  7. Hello, Im trying to get the MTM from bios to be listed inside Windows. Ive tried a few things in powershell, but with no result. AIDA is not able to get this information either, but it is on Thinkpads. I cannot find it in Regedit either. Does anyone have any ideas as how to get this information to be posted inside Windows? From Powershell or CMD.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to connect a mobile, to a pc, and then from the pc gather a report about the connected mobile device. We want to be able to exstract the same information that the app on IOS/android provides, but without having to install it on our units. Best regards Jeppe
  9. Hello, When can i start seeing this in my AIDA logs? Do i need to update something?
  10. Hello, Okay, is this due to some setup i forgot to do in AIDA? Or why does this problem occour. Best regards
  11. Hello, Im currently running into alot of problems where AIDA64 Buisness does not find the maximum screen resolution on laptops. It does show it under Supported Video Modes.
  12. Its listed as shown on the picture. Is there a way to make it show as X-Rite Pantone Color Sensor?
  13. Im abit unsure about this. Under windows devices the Xrite it listed like this:
  14. In addition, im unsure if NFC should also show up under the USB Peripherals?
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