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  1. Its listed as shown on the picture. Is there a way to make it show as X-Rite Pantone Color Sensor?
  2. Im abit unsure about this. Under windows devices the Xrite it listed like this:
  3. In addition, im unsure if NFC should also show up under the USB Peripherals?
  4. Hello, I have a machine with an X-Rite, Inc. X-Rite Pantone Color Sensor, but it does not show up in summary. But by finding the hardware ID further down in the report i know that the device is installed, and that AIDA have found it. So im just wondering if it needs a proper translation in the report? best regards
  5. Intel Optane Memory.

    Yes, it does seem to just be because the Optane disk was in a raid, after having removed it from the raid, they both show up in summary.
  6. AIDA64 Audit Manager

    That seems to have solved the problem. Thank you very much.
  7. Intel Optane Memory.

    Raid Dump.txt Smart dump.txt
  8. Intel Optane Memory.

    Hello, Ive got a problem where an Intel Optane Memory disk shows under ATA. But it does not show under Computer Summary. Is it a bugthat it does not show up in the Summary?
  9. AIDA64 Audit Manager

    \\deploy2\SSD\programs\aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\deploy2\SSD\Screening\files\AIDA64\templates\Aidarepport.rpf /LANGEN /R "l:\%dirname%\%dirname%" /XML So you would want it to look like this instead?
  10. AIDA64 Audit Manager

    Any Laptop i run the script from above on just generates the repport as it should. And its only a very small amount of our desktops this problems occurs on.
  11. AIDA64 Audit Manager

    ECHO Start AIDA64 \\deploy2\SSD\programs\aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\deploy2\SSD\Screening\files\AIDA64\templates\Aidarepport.rpf /LANGEN /R l:\%dirname%\%dirname% /XML \\deploy2\SSD\programs\aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\deploy2\SSD\Screening\files\AIDA64\templates\Aidarepport.rpf /LANGEN /R l:\%dirname%\%dirname% /MHTML The %dirname% is created in another part of the script, but its just the serial number of the machine.
  12. AIDA64 Audit Manager

    Hello, I run a setup where my machines run a script that starts aida and generates a HTMl/XML report. This part works as it should. But sometimes, seems random, instead of running my report, it starts Audit manager instead of gathering the report. Im unsure whats causing this, as it only seems to happen on desktop pcs. Is there a function in AIDA i can disable to make sure it never runs Audit manager? Let me know if you need a debug report or the likes. Best regards.
  13. Remove IP from AIDA report.

    Okay. Thanks for the reply!
  14. Remove IP from AIDA report.

    And sorta related to this. Is it also possible to remove the capacity thats listed after each Disk Drive under Storage? So tat i only get the name of the diskdrive. (Or in above only get the name of the network adapter.)
  15. Hello. Is it possible to remove the ID adress that gets listed in summary after the wireless / lan device. Best regards.