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  1. Hello, Im trying to get the MTM from bios to be listed inside Windows. Ive tried a few things in powershell, but with no result. AIDA is not able to get this information either, but it is on Thinkpads. I cannot find it in Regedit either. Does anyone have any ideas as how to get this information to be posted inside Windows? From Powershell or CMD.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to connect a mobile, to a pc, and then from the pc gather a report about the connected mobile device. We want to be able to exstract the same information that the app on IOS/android provides, but without having to install it on our units. Best regards Jeppe
  3. Hello, When can i start seeing this in my AIDA logs? Do i need to update something?
  4. Hello, Okay, is this due to some setup i forgot to do in AIDA? Or why does this problem occour. Best regards
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