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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to generate a report based on a custom RPF file, and then have it open up immediately, without the need of saving it to a location first. For instance i want to be able to open it as a MHTML file, just so i can quickly see the status of the harddisk, without the need of opening AIDA64 and then creating a report. Start \\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\AIDA64\Aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\HDDcheck.rpf /LANGEN Start \\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\AIDA64\Aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\HDDcheck.rpf /LANGEN This code i what i have so far, i have done it before where i have had it save the file to a location, and then i could just go to that location and open the file.
  2. Monitor information

    okay, ill do that for future panels. But what about Multitouch panels, is it possible to get this information listed under monitor aswell?
  3. Generating reports from script

    I got it working now, thanks for the help It worked when i removed all the " marks
  4. Generating reports from script

    Start "\\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\AIDA64\Aida64.exe" /CUSTOM \\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\fulrep.rpf /LANGEN /R "\\Directory\specs\Logs_PCd_Burn\%serial%\%serial%" /XML I tried that, it still gives me the same error.
  5. Generating reports from script

    My batch file. This is printed from CMD when the script runs. "\\Directory\Directory\Directory\Directory\AIDA64-JH\AIDA64\Aida64.exe" /CUSTOM \\nas\test\Script\Development\AIDA64-JH\fulrep.rpf /LANGEN /R "\\Directory\Directory\Directory\R90KLBTM\R90KLBTM /XML Invalid switch - "/CUSTOM".
  6. Generating reports from script

    So when i run the script from my server, it says: Invalid switch - "/Custom"
  7. Generating reports from script

    Yup that works perfectly! So i need to add another layer to where the file is stored. All the machines im running this on, already have a folder created with their serial number. So how do i make the script post the file that i create (Still named as serial when its saved), into the folder thats named serial.
  8. Monitor information

    Okay thank you. Say i encounter new monitors, is there a place i should post information about them, so they can be added in future packages?
  9. Monitor information

    Also, i see that what you linked me to is for the Extreme version, im currently running buisness. And i dont see any beta downloads for that.
  10. Monitor information

    Is there a repository i can search through to see if my monitor is listed in it?
  11. Hello, I'm trying to make a batch file that will run AIDA64 (Buisness) and use the custom template ive created. I furthermore want the report to be placed in a folder thats name after the Serial Number on the motherboard. (The file must also be named after the Serial Number.) Sofar ive come up with: for /F "skip=2 tokens=2 delims=," %%A in ('wmic bios get serialnumber /FORMAT:csv') do (set "serial=%%A") echo %serial% Start D:\AIDA64\Aida64.exe /CUSTOM C:\Users\Jeppe Helbo\Desktop\AIDA64project\fulrep.rpf /LANGEN /R C:\Users\Jeppe Helbo\Desktop\AIDA64project\Testmaskiner\%serial% /XML PAUSE But im not too great at creating batch files, so the above just runs the entire aida full report, and dont output it anywhere. Does anyone have some insight on what im doing wrong.
  12. Monitor information

    [ Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB] ] Monitor Properties: Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB] Monitor ID LEN4140 Manufacturer ATNA40JU01-0 Manufacture Date Week 49 / 2015 Serial Number None Max. Visible Display Size 310 mm x 175 mm (14.0") Picture Aspect Ratio 16:9 Gamma 2.20 DPMS Mode Support Standby, Suspend, Active-Off Supported Video Modes: 2560 x 1440 Pixel Clock: 242.19 MHz This is an OLED panel
  13. Monitor information

    What part of the AIDA report would it be possible to find the information from if i had a monitor type that was in the database?
  14. Monitor information

    Hello. Is it possible to see from the AIDA file what type of LCD is connected? For example to tell if its an OLED or IPS panel.
  15. A follow up for the USB peripherals. Is it possible to get it to list the hardware ids related to the diferent USB devices?