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  1. Hello, 

    I was wondering if its possible to connect a mobile, to a pc, and then from the pc gather a report about the connected mobile device. 

    We want to be able to exstract the same information that the app on IOS/android provides, but without having to install it on our units. 


    Best regards


  2. On 26/3/2018 at 5:18 PM, Fiery said:

    Thank you.  I think the issue is that for some reason your Optane drive is part of a NVMe RAID array, and that makes the Computer / Summary page list only the RAID array device and not the individual drives that are part of the RAID array.  With RAID arrays the individual drives (the RAID array members) are only listed on the Storage / ATA and Storage / SMART pages.

    Yes, it does seem to just be because the Optane disk was in a raid,  after having removed it from the raid, they both show up in summary. 

  3. ECHO Start AIDA64
    \\deploy2\SSD\programs\aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\deploy2\SSD\Screening\files\AIDA64\templates\Aidarepport.rpf /LANGEN /R l:\%dirname%\%dirname% /XML
    \\deploy2\SSD\programs\aida64.exe /CUSTOM \\deploy2\SSD\Screening\files\AIDA64\templates\Aidarepport.rpf /LANGEN /R l:\%dirname%\%dirname% /MHTML

    The %dirname% is created in another part of the script, but its just the serial number of the machine.

  4. Hello, 

    I run a setup where my machines run a script that starts aida and generates a HTMl/XML report. This part works as it should. 

    But sometimes, seems random, instead of running my report, it starts Audit manager instead of gathering the report. 

    Im unsure whats causing this, as it only seems to happen on desktop pcs. 


    Is there a function in AIDA i can disable to make sure it never runs Audit manager? 

    Let me know if you need a debug report or the likes. 


    Best regards. 

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