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  1. Okay thank you for your quick respond. Well in same situation now, I see around 1200MB free RAM available when I restarted phone.. Does linux really allocate/hide that free RAM, so I can't never know really how much I got free RAM? So how about last bug: "In thermals page there is two battery lines for no reason"? That is clear bug, Maybeit showed up only xperia x if you can't see it in other sailfish devices. Here is screenshot about it. English isn't my native language so I got little bit problem to understand your whole explanation. And yeah these bugs are very minor but, better to report than let it be. Do you have any plans to acquire xperia x for test device? That would help to reproduce bugs etc.
  2. I found 3 bugs and one incorrect information on xperia x (f5121) with sailfish: Incorrect information: In system page platform points incorrect System on chip, Xperia x contains MSM8956 not MSM8952! First bug : Again in system page points weird values (like 200mb when no other apps running in background) for free memory section. When I launching some apps and that 200mb is in use then it shows more memory avaiable. So something is wrong in ram calculation. Second bug: In system files page: when pressing Hosts, whole Aida64 app crashes, and it happens everytime. Rest of buttons works only this Hosts button crashes. Third and last bug: In thermals page there is two battery lines for no reason. Do you need some logs about bugs? I'm also sent you email about this bug reporting. No idea if some of these bugs not exist in other sailfish devices.. Hope you can fix these problems at least few of them. Anyways great app indeed, Thank you!
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