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  1. Okay thank you for your quick respond. Well in same situation now, I see around 1200MB free RAM available when I restarted phone.. Does linux really allocate/hide that free RAM, so I can't never know really how much I got free RAM? So how about last bug: "In thermals page there is two battery lines for no reason"? That is clear bug, Maybeit showed up only xperia x if you can't see it in other sailfish devices. Here is screenshot about it. English isn't my native language so I got little bit problem to understand your whole explanation. And yeah these bugs are very mino
  2. I found 3 bugs and one incorrect information on xperia x (f5121) with sailfish: Incorrect information: In system page platform points incorrect System on chip, Xperia x contains MSM8956 not MSM8952! First bug : Again in system page points weird values (like 200mb when no other apps running in background) for free memory section. When I launching some apps and that 200mb is in use then it shows more memory avaiable. So something is wrong in ram calculation. Second bug: In system files page: when pressing Hosts, whole Aida64 app crashes, and it happens everytime.
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