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  1. Same here with STRIX Z390-E_Gaming with the latest stable AND beta versions. HWMonitor started once with sensor enabled fix the problem... Dear Fiery, could you please look into this, thank you!
  2. same here with STRIX Z390-E_Gaming
  3. Clean reinstall of AIDA64 and redo new .ini file resolved the glitch. Case closed, thanks Fiery!
  4. How do you enumerate thermal sensors? I have 11 sensors in total: T_Sensor from ASUS MB Ext_1 and Ext_2 from ASUS Fan Extension Card (3rd port isn't in use) 4 temperature sensors from 2 Aqua computer MPS flow meters (2 internals and 2 externals) 4 temperature sensors from Aqua computer OCTO fan controller (all externals) All Aqua computer sensors enumerated as Temperature #1 - #8. Thank you.
  5. Recently I've purchased Vengeance RGB Pro memory modules (CMW16GX4M2K4000C19) and just found out iCUE SW from Corsair displays modules temperatures: Seems like AIDA64 doesn't see those temps or did I miss something? AIDA64 I'm using is v. 6.32.5600 DIMM thermal sensor support is enabled in Stability preferences Thank you.
  6. Thanks Fiery. Unfortunately I do not see them, perhaps because I have a zoo of measuring SW. Not a big deal, I could live w/o those. Cheers!
  7. It is 1.4, not 1.04. I also found exclamation point on one of the screens: If you mouse over it there is a pop-up message: So it looks like Aida64 is trying to communicate with it but is blocked... Anyway, it still doesn't see those fans...
  8. By default on my system Aida64 sees all OCTO fans and sensors, no special adjustments or settings. Aquasuite version is X.21.
  9. Fiery, any news on a subj? Thanks.
  10. Thank you, Fiery! Please find attached dump file. usbdump.txt
  11. Hello Fiery! my old NZXT Grid +V3 died miserably Fried out and put on fire a few USB connected units. Kinda disaster... As I need much more than 2 USB ports I've got the new one, with firmware version v1.4 and CAM version 4.8... With new unit all my fans connected via new Grid are gone from AIDA64 (I'm using version 6.25.5400). Is it my personal bug or they really have changed smth and became invisible to your great SW? CAM itself sees and controls all of them... Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi Fiery, I keep adding more fans to my uber water cooling system and need to control their speed according to the temperature. I do have GRID V3+ but I'm limited to 6 fans and there is no temp sensors I could use as controlling factor. So I'm trying to setup CoPro but, indeed the problem is still there (and exactly as in that movie above). I'm aware of the issues with iCUE and AIDA64 I assume Corsair Link 4 behaves the same... So, any news on the subj. since you've posted this reply? Many thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks a lot for the explanation! Ref. second reading - both SSD are Samsung 970 PRO, one 512GB and the other 1TB, and it is seen from AIDA64 Gadget Items screen. On a screencapture below are both temperature readings (disk Boot C is 512GB, disk Games G is 1TB). I have no idea why those temperatures are so different (indeed #2 temperatures might be controller ones) - both SSD use radiators, 512GB one even has custom fan... Anyway, thank you very much for fast implementation and great feedback!
  14. Fiery - you did it again - it works great! 2 questions though: 1. Do you "artificially" start numbering fans from 21 or do those numbers come from GRID? 2. I've marked 2 SSD temperatures by green pen - where those come from? They are marked #2, and I do have temperature of those already... Thanks a bunch!
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