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  1. What would be a nice addition to AIDA64 under Android would be the enumeration of audio devices and their capabilities. Check out AudioManager.getDevices, the AudioDeviceInfo class with its methods getChannelMasks, getEncodings, getSampleRates a.s.o. This is very interesting information for Android TV devices, i.e. which formats are supported via SPDIF or HDMI(-ARC).
  2. I just updated my Sony ATV to Nougat yesterday. AIDA64 does not show any devices anymore. Just says something like "no devices found". Sony still uses a very old kernel. Can there be some incompatibility? Or can Sony actually hide devices on purpose? There has for example been quite a shitstorm because Sony connected the AC WiFi controller to USB2.0. Probably they don't want people to see such things anymore...
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