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    G19 LCD Refresh Interval

    Thank you very much for your interest.
  2. Frostban3

    G19 LCD Refresh Interval

    Hello again, Can't you even do that at least for CPU - GPU - RAM loads? It is not really needed for temperatures. At least CPU Load can be done I guess, since Sirreal already makes it a lot faster on mono-color LCD.
  3. Frostban3

    G19 LCD Refresh Interval

    Hello AIDA64 Team, I just bought G19 and saw that you made the best applet for this device. Thank you very much. I just want to know if it is possible to make smoother graphics on LCD panel. It is limited to 1 FPS in configuration. I tried to fill area with "0.1" and "0,1" but did not get better results. Can you make higher refresh rate for LCD? I guess 10 FPS will be enough for smooth graphics. USB 2.0 should be enough for bandwidth but I don't know if G19's hardware is enough for that. Note: If you make this, I guess you should seperate the Graphic Sensor modes refresh interval. 10 FPS will be too quick for Graphics. Thank you, Frostban3