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  1. Wow, I'm not having the easiest time with my new system. Still hunting TFLOPs. So, I downloaded the 318MB file from the link you posted and I tried running it. The filename was "win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.2.1-feb7.exe". It looked very familiar to the install from the 848MB Allin1 .zip file I downloaded from ASRock. I can't remember exactly what happened but at some point I had Windows check for updates on my "Display Adapters" in "Device Manager" because all it said was "Microsoft Basic HD Display Adapter" or something of that sort. Thankfully, Windows 10 did start "Downloading Drivers" and got me officially to the "AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics" recognition by the system. So, now I try your software again and it seems to be recognizing the fact that an OpenCL capable device is present but it goes into an infinite "Not Responding" state as it's trying to find the new device. I'm not sure at this point whether your software is the issue or my computer system. Please help if you can. Thank You! Edit: One last thing I might as well mention (if it matters). Right now, I'm running my system with 1x8GB 2800MHz memory stick in single-channel mode. I'll be doubling up here soon to see if anything changes.
  2. I guess the All In 1 drivers aren't so All In 1? LOL! Thanks for the link, heading there now!
  3. I'm still trying to benchmark TFLOPs on my new system but I get the message in the title above shown in the image below: https://i.imgur.com/OcEe5to.png I downloaded a file yesterday from ASRocks website called, "Allin1(v17.40.1025_WHQL).zip" @ 848MB in size. I did install it but it seemed to go awfully fast. Can someone provide a hint on where I go from here? Thanks. EDIT: In "Device Manager->Display Adapters" it just says "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". That doesn't seem right.
  4. Does this AIDA64 software measure the maximum theoretical TFLOPs I can get on my system? I wanna see those TFLOP numbers so I can get all excited. Save the "TFlops don't matter anymore speech" for somebody else. Be that as it may, I still want to know how to measure them on my new chip. AMD says this will do 1.35 and we gotta keep them honest, right? So, yeah, that's what I'm doing. If there is no specific TFlops benchmark I'll take a formula with other measurements on my system to figure it out also. If there is no specific TFlops benchmark in this software (and I honestly don't know because I only discovered it recently) than.....that's a crime....and should be remedied in a future update. Thanks for reading!
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