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  1. Feeling "using SMTP authentication" doesn't seem to work because I'm interested in using the wrong password, and AIDA64 didn't reply to my password error. In exchange for an account that does not exist on the server, AIDA64 still does not reply to my account or wrong password. Always reply to me "relay access denied" If using gmail no problem
  2. supplement: The mail server log has the following message NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[from ip address]: 454 4.7.1 <yyy@yyy.yyy.yyy>: Relay access denied; from=<yyy@xxx.xxx.xxx> to=<yyy@yyy.yyy.yyy> proto=SMTP helo=<AIDA64>
  3. Hello: I tried to send the same person to Outlook or Web mail to show success. When sending with AIDA64, I tried to send the same question with "To:" address or "Cc:" address or "Bcc:" address. I'm not sure about the mail server or ADIA64. I will look for SMTP again for testing. Thank you. What results I will return with you.
  4. I am using a private mail server because the server does not accept Relay. If the recipient is not the same server, you will receive 4.7.1<mail@xxx.xxx.xxx>:relay access denied error. How can I solve this problem? The version I use is aida64 Bussiness 5.97.4600
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