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  1. Ok, slowing getting through this! It looks like its because the RComplete field is not checking. By running: \\SEVER\SHARE\aida64.exe /R /Database /Audit /Safe /Silent What would cause Rcomplete not to do check/complete?
  2. sorry for the late response, but still nothing. EDIT- I was able to go into the DB manager, and export the reports to a file and then import those files into AM. However, getting AM to pull the reports straight from the DB is not working.
  3. (sorry pretty new to AIDA) This is the command I am running on the clients \\SERVER\SHARE\aida64.exe /R /Database /Audit /ALL /Safe /Silent
  4. So I am getting machines in my Database Manager (SQL), but when I go to Audit Manger, nothing seems to happen. Can get anything to load. Thoughts
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